Partnerships and Policy Work

Optical Confederation 

The Optical Confederation brings together the five representative bodies within the optical profession to speak with a united voice for patients, professionals and the sector.

Read about our work as part of the Optical Confederation in our Optical Confederation section


UK Vision Strategy 

The UK Vision Strategy a cross-sector initiative between eye health and sight loss organisations, uniting all those in the UK who want to take action on issues relating to vision.

Visit the UK Vision Strategy website


Vision 2020 UK 

VISION 2020 UK is the umbrella organisation which leads collaboration and co-operation between organisations within the UK, which focus on vision impairment and operate on a national, regional or international basis.

Visit the Vision 2020 UK website


Other partnerships

We are proud to work in partnership with other optical associations, colleagues from across primary and secondary care, regulators, government, and our partners in the business and voluntary sectors.

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