• By the Best, For the Best

  • Delivering through partnership

  • Support public eye health

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By the Best, For the Best

By using specialist services for expert business and legal advice we keep costs low and quality high - and we work hard to negotiate a good deal! It’s reassuring to know you’re receiving the same legal and business advice as the big players in the health sector.

Delivering through partnership

We are proud of our membership of the Optical Confederation and affiliations with other national and international eye care groups and initiatives. You can read about who we work with as specialist service suppliers in the By the Best, For the Best page, and who we consult and work with in optics, healthcare, national government and further afield in our Partnerships and Policy page.

Support public eye health

We believe that:

  • Eye health has a central role in health, well-being, independence and achievement and should be available to all
  • The public deserves the very best in eye care and our world class 'clinical and retail mix' model offers the best means of achieving this
  • There are essential links between the eye examination, eye care and the provision of eyewear and our members aim to provide these services to the highest standards
  • The public is best served and public health protected where eye care is delivered by highly skilled, qualified and properly regulated professionals and businesses
  • The patient's right to choose their optical practice drives quality, access and choice - this applies equally to NHS patients and those who fund their own care
  • Qualified practitioners and businesses should be free to enter the market to compete on the basis of quality, access and choice

You can read our statement of ethics and values by clicking here