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New cataracts guidance for the NHS will improve patient care

FODO welcomes the new NICE guideline ‘Cataracts in adults: management’, which represents an important step in improving patient care and outcomes in the NHS.

Commenting on the new guideline, FODO Chief Executive David Hewlett said: 

“This guideline helpfully summarises the longstanding views of clinicians and professional bodies and should help to prevent non-evidence based rationing of care for NHS patients. We also welcome the recognition of the multidisciplinary and team-based nature of modern healthcare, as well as new models of care. ”

Key elements of the guideline include:

  • ruling out inappropriate and non-evidence based managerial rationing
  • tackling unwarranted variations in NHS practice
  • not using visual acuities as the only indicator for surgery
  • giving proper consideration to second eye surgery
  • clarity about what the NHS cannot afford to provide, even where this is clinically effective
  • emphasising multidisciplinary team work and the role of other health professionals such as optometrists, nurses and technicians in the pathway including pre-surgery and follow-up care
  • advice on preventing and managing complications and the responsibilities of all team members in ensuring safety and good outcomes
  • an emphasis on good patient communications, including explanations of possible risks and outcomes.

FODO will also play its part in the recommended research in order fill the evidence gaps for the 


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