NHS England Pre-Registration Supervisors Grant

Please complete the pre-registration trainee supervisor grant form below. Please ensure you include all the required details, including any training dates and the amount you are claiming.

When you have completed and signed the form, please email it to: pcse.optical@nhs.net

Flashes and Floaters Guidance

FODO produces a series of peer discussion training resources focussed on the highest areas of risk in front-line clinical practice. 

FODO launched the first of this series Flashes, Floaters and Retinal Detachment in May 2016 

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To find out more about the peer discussion training resources, please contact rajan@fodo.com or call 020 7298 5151.

Find out more about Flashes and Floaters guidance

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Source material for this peer review pack was used with the kind permission of DOCET

These peer discussion materials are available here with the kind permission of DOCET