Domiciliary Eyecare

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  • Domiciliary Leaflet - New Guide to Sight Tests at Home
  • Code of Practice
  • Information for the Profession
  • Cooling-Off Period Guidance
  • NICE Glaucoma Referral Letters
  • GAIN (Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network) - Northern Ireland Only
  • Terms of Reference for the Domiciliary Independent Adjudicator

Domiciliary Leaflet - New Guide to Sight Tests at Home

The domiciliary leaflet created by the Optical Confederation in conjunction with the College of Optometrists and Thomas Pocklington Trust provides a useful guide to sight tests at home.

Code of Practice

Following the revision of the Optical Confederation’s Domiciliary Eyecare Committee’s Code of practice, the DEC has produced a letter, using extracts from the Code,  which highlights the areas where care home staff can play an important role in the provision of quality, personalised eye care in the residential setting.

Information for the Profession

Optical Confederation Domiciliary Eyecare Committee

The Domiciliary Eyecare Committee is committed to promoting the highest standards of patient care for those unable to attend a high street practice unaccompanied due to a mental or physical illness. It is active in lobbying for equal access to eyecare, believing that high quality eye care should be available to all patients, regardless of whether the service is delivered in the patient's home or in the high street. In addition to the optical bodies (ABDO, the AOP, and FODO and the College of Optometrists as observers) its members include representatives from domiciliary service providers, Optometry Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The Committee produces guidance on domiciliary eyecare for providers, practitioners, CCGs, LHBs, LOCs and AOCs. 

Cooling-Off Period Guidance

In September 2015 the Optical Confederation produced guidance on the Cooling-Off period which has now been extended to 14 days.  The Cooling-Off period applies to off-premises contracts, ie domiciliary and distance sales, ie internet and telephone.  Spectacles and other prescription items are exempt from the cooling off period, however other products (including non-prescription contact lenses) are not.

NICE Glaucoma Referral Letters

In April 2009 NICE issued guidance to the NHS about conditions called Ocular Hypertension (OHT) and (suspected) Open Angle Glaucoma. This guidance requires special tests to be performed on any patient where the pressure in the eye is above a certain level as there is a small risk of developing glaucoma.  The links below provide access to model letters for patients and domiciliary referrals to GPs.

GAIN (Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network) - Northern Ireland Only

Terms of Reference


You can contact the Domiciliary Eyecare Committee via