Local Optical Committees (LOCs)

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  • Local Optical Committees Support Unit (LOCSU)
  • LOC Constitution
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Children's Vision
  •  2014-15 LOCSU Annual Report

Local Optical Committees Support Unit (LOCSU)

The LOC Support Unit provides quality, practical support to Local and Regional Optical Committees (LOCs/ROCs) in England and Wales to help them to develop, negotiate and implement local objectives in respect of primary ophthalmic services. It is a key interface between the optical, representative bodies and the LOCs/ROCs, facilitating robust lines of communication between the national organisations and the grass roots of the professions. Improving the degree and level of communications will help  LOCs/ROCs to be more effective in expanding the role of optometry locally.

LOC Constitution

The LOC Model Constitution was agreed by the Department of Health with ABDO, AOP, FODO on
19 August 2008.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

LOCSU has produced a very useful table detailing which Clinical Commissioning Groups will be within each LOC area.

Children's Vision

The following document provides details from LOCSU on the children's vision pathway.

 2014-15 LOCSU Annual Report

Regional LOC Companies are on the increase according to the 2014-15 LOCSU Annual Report. LOCSU reveals that “regional momentum” is a growing and defined development in the commissioning landscape in the report, entitled “Leaders at every table”.

2014-15 LOCSU Annual Report