Northern Ireland

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  • NHS Sight Test Fees
  • GOS Sight Test Intervals - Guidance
  • Making Accurate Claims - Guidance
  • CET
  • GOS Regulations
  • Complaints Guidance
  • Ophthalmic Contractors - HSC Business Organisation
  • Statistics

NHS Sight Test Fees

The sight test fee in Northern Ireland is £21.10 from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015. Further information is available via the NHS sight test fees page.

GOS Sight Test Intervals - Guidance

The links below provide information on GOS Sight Test intervals in Northern Ireland.

Making Accurate Claims - Guidance

Northern Ireland guidance on Making Accurate Claims was last updated in 2007.   Click here for access to the latest version.


The allowance for CET undertaken in 2013 in Northern Ireland is £529. The claim form and letter are available via the CET page.

GOS Regulations

For access to the GOS regulations in Northern Ireland please click on the link below

Complaints Guidance

The Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety guidance document 'Complaints in Health and Social Care: Standards and Guidelines for Resolution and Learning' provides a streamlined process that applies equally to all health and social care (HSC) organisations. It provides a consistent approach for staff who handle complaints and for people raising complaints across all health and social care services.

Ophthalmic Contractors - HSC Business Organisation

The HSC Business Organisation, responsible for payment of community optometrists and maintaining the Ophthalmic List, holds information on optical services in Northern Ireland.  The website contains information on optical charges and fees, performers list applications forms, domiciliary information and patient information.