Eye Health Indicators – England

Public Health England (PHE) has updated the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) Domain 4 “Preventable Sight Loss Indicator” (4.12i to 4.12iv) with April 2017 – March 2018 data.


The recent update applies to preventable sight loss indicators: 4.12i “age related macular degeneration (AMD)”, 4.12ii “glaucoma”, 4.12iii “diabetic eye disease” and 4.12iv “Preventable sight loss – sight loss certifications. These indicators will help to understand trends in eye health at England and local authority levels.


Alongside this, it is hoped that the new NICE Quality standard (Serious eye disorders – Quality statement 6: Certificate of vision impairment) will support the delivery of the PHOF and contribute to the improvement of;


  • avoidable sight loss in adults with serious eye disorders,
  • health-related quality of life for adults with serious eye disorders,
  • patient safety incidents reported for adults with serious eye disorders,
  • social isolation of adults with serious eye disorders.


The updated preventable sight loss indicator data is available here.