Claiming CET Allowance

Claiming CET Allowance

The CET grant is the NHS’s contribution for the loss of chair-time incurred by optometrists when undertaking CET.  In order for CET to be claimed the optometrist/performer must

  • have been listed on an ophthalmic list in the country the grant is being claimed in for at least six months during the relevant claim year
  • have undertaken CET training during the relevant claims year
  • maintain their professional registration in the relevant claim year
  • have carried out at least one GOS sight test in the relevant claim year (England and Wales only)

The following Optical Confederation guidance provides further information on claiming CET.


The allowance for CET undertaken in England during 2017 is £551.

The window for submitting claims is 2 July 2018 – 1 November 2018.

  1. Complete the 2018 CET claim form in full.
  2. Please ensure you include the Ophthalmic Performer List (OPL) number on the form.
  3. Sign and date the form in the appropriate places.
  4. Scan and upload your signed claim form via the CET Claim option on the Contact Us page.

As a reminder, CET allowance payments are payable to contractors only.


The allowance for CET undertaken in 2018 in Wales is £550.  The form and detail regarding claiming the grant is available here.


Information for CET claims in Scotland can be found here.

Northern Ireland

The allowance for CET undertaken in Northern Ireland during 2017 is £540. Claims should be submitted between 1 October 2016 and 31 December 2016.  A letter detailing the claiming process and the claim form can be accessed via the links below.