GOS Vouchers

GOS Vouchers

GOS vouchers may only be provided to eligible patients who require spectacles or spectacle replacements.  Only GOS contractors can provide these vouchers however they can be claimed by any prescription spectacle supplier in the UK. The value of the voucher differs and is dependent on the prescription.

GOS Voucher Values

GOS Voucher values

Voucher values in England, Scotland and Wales remain at the 2016 amounts. Voucher values in Northern Ireland increased in December 2018, backdated to April 2017.

Click here for a list of the current voucher values.



  • Details of the regulations and voucher values can be found here.


Northern Ireland


The Optical Confederation has issued guidance on applying for a non-tolerance voucher.

You can also download a copy of the national template application for non-tolerance voucher and an application for second pair voucher.

Vouchers at a Glance

FODO on behalf of the Optical Confederation, produces Vouchers at a Glance – an easy to read hand-held guide to voucher values, minimum sight test intervals and early re-test reason codes.