The Optical Confederation updated its guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in August 2019.

All optical practices should hold a safeguarding and prevent policy/protocol and all staff should be aware of this.  Further information including training requirements is available in the guidance here.

NHS England has a safeguarding app which offers a repository of guidance, information and tools useful for frontline practitioners.  The app is free to download or if preferred the material can be viewed on a desktop.


Safeguarding legislation

Links to the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act and Protection of Freedoms Act are below.  Further safeguarding legislation can be found in Annex 5 of the Safeguarding guidance above.

Community Service providers – NHS Standard Contract

Community service providers holding an NHS Standard Contract must also adhere to service condition 32 Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and Prevent. Amongst other requirements the service condition specifies that the provider must nominate, and advise the Co-ordinating Commissioner of, the following leads:

  • Safeguarding Lead and/or a named professional for safeguarding children, young people and adults, in accordance with Safeguarding Guidance;
  • a Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Lead;
  • a Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Lead; and
  • a Prevent Lead


Please note the June 2017 version of the OC safeguarding guidance has now been replaced by the version above. To access previous versions please contact [email protected]