Hot Brief issue 81 – PCSE notification about ACE services transferring to PCSE

Hot Briefs contain guidance and advice from the Optical Confederation and LOCSU on important issues relevant to all ophthalmic contractors, performers and dispensing opticians, which we would like LOCs to be aware of or to take action on and to disseminate to all contractors, performers and dispensing opticians in their area as soon as possible.

Transfer of services from ACE in Clacton to PCSE


  • Essex
  • York
  • Rotherham/Barnsley
  • Sheffield
  • Doncaster
  • Somerset



  • Herts
  • Beds/Luton


Contacting PCSE for your primary care support services

As part of Primary Care Support England’s (PCSE) commitment to providing national, consistent services for primary care, they are planning to transfer the Ophthalmic Payments service currently delivered by ACE in Clacton to PCSE’s site in Leeds from March.

They will transfer the service for contractors in the areas listed below in March and April:

March: Essex, York, Rotherham/Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster, Somerset.
April: Bedfordshire/Luton, Hertfordshire.

They will be writing out to all contractors in these areas with this update. It is important to note that contractors will not be required to do anything differently, but they will be reminded:

  1. ALL contact with the ACE office should be directed to PCSE’s Customer Support Centre and via the online forms on the PCSE website (see further details below).
  2. To submit two identical batch headers with all GOS 1 submissions. One batch header will be returned along with any rejected GOS 1 claims to help contractors reconcile their payments.
  3. To continue to send GOS claims to PCSE’s secure mail processing centre in Darlington as usual.

There is no change to the claim form submission dates or payment dates.


To download the full Brief, please click here