Setting the strategic agenda

Setting the strategic agenda

FODO members are constantly looking to the future – to grow and improve their services. At FODO we support that ambition, horizon scanning to understand and influence the environment in which eye care services are delivered. We seek to set the agenda for eye care.

We engage with parliamentarians, politicians and other opinion formers on a regular basis – to inform and influence debate and decision making. We provide evidence to government, briefings and position papers setting out our expectations for the future of eye care services, the role that optical practitioners and practices can play and the changes that are needed in the regulatory and contracting environment to enable this to happen.

In 2014, along with our Optical Confederation partners and LOCSU, we submitted a substantial response to the Government’s Call to Action for Eye Health.

In 2015, FODO was a key partner in the Foresight Project, which aimed to help the optical sector better understand where technology, ocular medical developments and demographics are leading, so that the sector can help share and adapt to the challenges and opportunities.

Foresight summary report

Foresight – full report

FODO, on behalf of the Optical Confederation and in partnership with the RNIB, provides the secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Eye Health and Visual Impairment. In June 2018 the APPG launched ‘See the light: Improving capacity in NHS eye care’, featuring 16 recommendations to government and which has been widely shared in government.

The FODO Board and industry leaders hold an annual strategy meeting to review the main strategic issues. At the April 2018 meeting they considered eye health needs and planned how FODO would support its members expand primary and community services to meet growing demand for high quality eye health services both within and outside hospitals.

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