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10 June 2022

Covid update - 10 June

Members will be aware that the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)
withdrew its infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance on 24 May.

You should now follow local public health and the College of Optometrists' guidance.


The UKHSA signposts readers to NHS England's National IPC guidance. This means that:

  • Universal masking can stop. The College of Optometrists has confirmed that "asymptomatic non-clinical staff, patients and visitors are no longer required to wear a face-covering when in the practice."

However, the College advises that some team members should continue to use a fluid-resistant surgical face mask (FRSM) in certain circumstances. Read the full College advice.


In Wales, guidance means mask-wearing advice is the same as in England (see above).

Northern Ireland and Scotland

The College of Optometrists is working with officials in Northern Ireland and Scotland to clarify their position on the general use of face coverings and PPE.

UK-wide domiciliary care

The College advises that "in domiciliary settings, clinicians should continue to wear a face mask when visiting patients' homes and care settings in all four nations". The Domiciliary Eyecare Committee supports this approach.

Next steps

FODO continues to work with the College and other sector partners to review public health guidance and will keep members up to date with any significant developments. In the meantime, please contact us at any time if you need support by emailing [email protected]


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