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22 December 2022

Update for locum optometrists

Online application

Many locum optometrists are now contacting us about joining FODO from 1 January 2023.

FODO is committed to the highest standards of customer service.

In response to demand, we have launched our new online application system earlier than planned. 

You can now start your application online.

To make the process easier for you, please read this short guidance note before you begin your application.

Medical malpractice insurance

FODO is an FCA authorised insurance intermediary. We want to ensure you know:

  • Onboarding members for insurance requires us to follow strict processes. These are in your best interests. This can take time, but it is important that we do it correctly to ensure you are protected now and into the future. 

The difference between new applications and renewal

Once you join, renewal is straightforward.

Onboarding new members however can take more time. This is because we need:

  • You to complete an application from that has been approved by the insurer
  • Check there are no gaps in your historical cover
  • Check you do not need run off cover if you are switching to FODO from a claims-made policy.

Examples of issues when onboarding new locum members

Medical malpractice insurance is more complex than many other types of insurance.

For example

  • when you renew your car insurance, your insurer is not covering the risk of an unknown accident that took place several years ago and which has only now come to light
  • medical malpractice insurance for 2023 may well have to cover a clinical negligence claim related to a sight test that took place many years earlier

That is why when processing a new application, we need to ask questions about how you are set up and how you have organised your insurance in the past.

For example, many locums now provide services through a limited company. They might however have organised claims made medical malpractice insurance on an individual basis, company basis, or both over a period.

We need to understand all of this to protect you and ensure you are not exposed should there be a medical malpractice claim related to care you provided before joining us.

This is all part of our compliance process.

Meeting customer expectations

FODO has a reputation for being there for members when they need us. We grow our membership providing high quality services and by word of mouth.

We will do all we can to accept new applications before the end of the year. There might be some challenges however because of the Bank Holidays next week when our insurance underwriters might not be available to provide clearance for applicants who might have a gap in cover or other unusual circumstances.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Contact us

Find out how to contact us here.

We will be closed on the Bank Holidays next week but a member of the team will be online to help members 28-30 December. If you have started your application by then, and need help, email [email protected]




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