Performers List videos for pre-reg optometrists launched

New resources to help pre-registration optometrists navigate the NHS England Ophthalmic Performers List application process and obtain their OPL number as quickly as possible after qualifying have been launched by LOCSU and the Optical Confederation, of which FODO is an active member.

Included in the new section on the LOCSU website dedicated to Performers List applications is a stepbystep video guide for pre-reg optometrists applying to the NHS England Performers List and a separate video explaining how to complete the NPL1 application form.

Launching the new help, Katrina Venerus, LOCSU’s Clinical Director who has spent several months supporting NHS England and PCSE on Performers List issues, explained that it has become clear to her that many pre-reg optometrists find the NPL1 application form difficult and the whole process confusing. “The aim of the video guides is to make the process as easy as possible for applicants and more efficient for everyone involved.” she said.

Venerus added: “One of the steps PCSE have taken to streamline the process is to offer appointments for face-to-face document checks in London from 17–27 July 2017 for preregistration optometrists who are sitting the College OSCEs. I strongly recommend optometrists take up this opportunity to speed up their application if they can.”

Hassnain Safdar, LOCSU’s pre-registration ambassador welcomed the support being provided for his pre-reg colleagues. “From speaking to friends and colleagues who qualified in the past 12 months, I know the Performers List application process has been extremely challenging for many of them. It is fantastic that LOCSU has published these videos to help us get through it. It’s also great that we can have the face-to-face appointment while in London to complete that part of the process.”

Safdar added: “My advice to anyone in the pre-reg community who is applying to the NHS England list is follow the videos as the help means you can’t go wrong.”

LOCSU’s dedicated website page can be accessed via this link:


Step-by-step video guide for pre-reg optometrists applying to the NHS England Performers

List: Video explaining how to complete the NPL1 application form: