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The FODO AGM 2019 will take place from 12.00 to 13.15 on Tuesday 14 May at 199 Gloucester Terrace London ...
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FODO publishes position statement on possible changes to NHS legislation

The FODO and NCHA have published a position statement on proposals to review NHS legislation in England. You can read ...
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CORU recruitment of assessors: Optometrist and Dispensing Optician

CORU, Ireland’s multi-profession health and social care regulator is actively recruiting assessors to review qualifications for recognition of Optometrists and ...
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Transforming Ophthalmology – NHS England Open Webinar

NHS England’s Elective Care Transformation Programme (ECTP) has set up EyesWise a project to encourage new ways of working by ...
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Brexit ‘On Deal’ preparations continue – no change to advice for primary eye care

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) continue contingency planning for the event of a No deal Brexit and ...
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Did you know the best place to go if you have red, sore and itchy eyes from #hayfever is the opticians practice. #AllergyAwarenessWeek FODO1 photo

Just one per cent of UK population uses opticians for hay fever services: via @ABDONews
#ABDONews #Hayfever
FODO1 photo

Hancock and Stevens warned over delays to referral plans

The pollen season includes three main phases. Knowing which pollen triggers your allergy can help you to take measures to reduce symptoms 🌻

Read our hay fever infographic to find out more:

FODO1 photo

It's #AllergyAwarenessWeek. Our hay fever infographic, available for members to print and share with their patients, shows the peak season for each of three pollen types in a calendar. FODO1 photo