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FODO publishes position statements on a range of important issues affecting the patients our members serve.

Sight loss due to delays in NHS care
NHS patients in England continue to experience unacceptable delays in accessing hospital eye care services, resulting in avoidable sight loss due to delays in care. These cases of sight loss are 100% avoidable. The NHS urgently needs to reform the hospital outpatient model of eye care to address this issue.
Digital connectivity will help prevent sight loss
Digital connectivity in eye care will save sight and help prevent sight loss. It will also reduce duplication of diagnostic tests and associated costs for the NHS. To deliver these benefits, we will work with the NHS and sector partners to secure a standardised national IT system connecting primary eye care, GPs and hospital eye departments.
The right to choose a provider
Patients have always had the right to choose how and where they access primary eye care. As the association for primary eye care providers, we remain firmly committed to advancing equality in access, clinical excellence and patient choice across all eye care services. We, therefore, also strongly support NHS patients in England having the right to choose their NHS ophthalmology provider based on clinical need, not ability to pay.

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