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As well as keeping up to date on developments in core areas of practice, using CPD strategically can help you plan, grow, and adapt to a changing world so that you have a fulfilling career, and your skills are always in demand. Access a wide range of open-source CPD for you and your team:


FODO will be launching new member CPD in 2024, focussing on adding value and avoiding duplication. Email [email protected] to join our mailing list for CPD updates. 

Free sector CPD


Take advantage of these free CPD courses from Docet (on which FODO has representation). Docet offers over 40 CPD courses and 20 peer discussions. 

FODO members provide most primary eye care services in the UK and we encourage all members to make the most of Docet. The government funds this CPD for all UK registered optometrists.


LOCSU CPD provides more than 40 CPD points, covering glaucoma, cataract, low vision and more. To take advantage of this fully funded CPD, contact your LOC or email LOCSU at [email protected].

FODO members provide most GOS sight tests in England and therefore are major funders of this LOCSU CPD. So, we would encourage all members to make the most of this funded CPD.


NES Optometry provides a wide range of high-quality CPD for the entire practice team. This includes:

  • GOS mandatory training
  • Peer-assisted learning
  • Support for optometrists to become independent prescribers
  • Glaucoma Award Training
  • Partial funding for training for optical assistants

Learn more about NES Optometry.

FODO members provide most GOS care in Scotland, so please take full advantage of resources offered by NES Optometry. These exist to help you and your teams supply high quality eye care to all patients in Scotland.


Optometry Wales (OW) provides about 12 CPD points per year and advertises events online. We will also update members in Wales about these CPD events via our newsletter.

FODO members provide most GOS sight tests in Wales so we would encourage all members to make the most of this CPD.


Optometry Northern Ireland (ONI) provides CPD via its sister organisation the Northern Ireland Optometric Society (NIOS). To learn more about these CPD opportunities and if you are eligible to join a CPD session visit the NIOS Facebook page.

Healthcare CPD

Business and core skills

Other training sources

LifeSkills created with Barclays gives individuals, educators and businesses access to free training courses to help build knowledge and confidence. You might find its working life section helpful.


FODO does not take any commission nor derive any commercial benefit from signposting to the providers listed here. The goal is to make members aware of the wide range of organisations that provide free CPD covering a range of topics which might help advance your career.

If you have any open source CPD courses you would like to share, then please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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