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Refractive surgery standards

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In February 2017, Optical Confederation partners FODO, ABDO, ACLM and FMO ran an eight-week public consultation on draft refractive surgery standards.

The standards were published in June 2017 and aim to promote multidisciplinary working. They focus on the way refractive surgery is delivered by various clinicians, each with different but compatible responsibilities, and working within teams to provide patients with the best possible care. The standards also include checks and balances on the way a patient's consent is sought for refractive procedures.


Read Multi-disciplinary professional standards for refractive surgery providers and clinical teams.


Originally published: June 2017

Reviewed: ongoing

Next review date: March 2022

Info: The standards are currently under review

Reference and notes

The next review was originally planned for December 2021. This was changed due to prioritising work during the pandemic.