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Training and education
Training and education


FODO, as the association for eye care providers, supports training and education for individual, local, regional and national eye care providers. This page tells you:

Student awards

We sponsor annual prizes for students to encourage and support excellence. Current student awards include:

Irvine Aitchison Memorial Fund

Over the years, the Irvine Aitchison Memorial Fund (IAMF) has funded the Goodman Lectures and more recently two bursaries to second year optometrist and dispensing optician students (third year at Glasgow Caledonian University). The bursaries help them gain experience and personal growth as part of Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) groups working in Africa for two weeks during the summer. Since 2018, the trustees of the IAMF, which is managed by FODO, have been funding work through the College of Optometrists to develop online training that develops pedagogical skills among the optometric and dispensing optician professions. The aim is to support professional development as 'educating the next generation' becomes part of the professional role of optometrists and dispensing opticians in the same way as for other clinical professions. It will also raise the standards of education, training and supervision at all levels across the sector. 

Other resources

Members often ask us what they can use to help encourage the next generation to take up a career in eye care. We recommend the following resources:

You can also find out about becoming a nurse, then specialising in ophthalmic nursing and becoming an ophthalmic and vision science technician


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