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We are here to help you throughout the pandemic. In this section: 

Covid-19 framework for primary eye care providers 

Primary eye care providers are now familiar with managing Covid-19 related risks, and all have enhanced IPC measures in place.

At the same time, with high vaccination rates, UK governments have started to change guidance on self-isolation and Covid-19 related restrictions in general.  

At this stage of the pandemic, we are therefore archiving our Covid-19 framework for primary eye care providers. This is because members will need to continue to maintain robust IPC measures but also respond to changing NHS and government guidance in the weeks and months ahead.

The Covid-19 framework for primary eye care providers is still accessible below but is currently not being updated.

Members should continue to adhere to IPC guidance for healthcare settings and stay up to date by visiting our Covid news section and through our member newsletters. 

Members have asked us to pool free resources from trusted sources so they can quickly find what they need. Access posters, videos and training material from trusted resources based on where you are based here.

What's next?

FODO members decide what resources we add next by emailing 
[email protected] with suggestions.

Domiciliary care

The Optical Confederation Domiciliary Eyecare Committee (DEC) has published updated guidance:

  • Guidance - Meeting the eye health needs of people who cannot leave home during the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic and winter flu
  • DEC statement - Optical sector issues updated covid guidance for domiciliary providers
  • Key messages about lateral flow testing for care homes
You can also access the previous version of this guidance via the update log below.


At a glance: Covid-19 support and VAT

This short guide covers common VAT related issues for primary eye care providers during the pandemic.

Employment law and health and safety

FODO, the College of Optometrists, AOP and ABDO have published a workforce risk assessment for primary eye care. This will help members perform a more detailed workforce risk assessment and includes templates that members can ask all staff to complete. Read the workforce risk assessment.

Access our employment support hub for extra support, or by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on 01244 688422.

As a member, you also can sign up to the Coronavirus Advice Hub for sample letters, policies, risk assessments, FAQs and additional guidance documents.

Enhanced support and care

Whether you are an individual practitioner, manager, or provider organisation, we know this is an incredibly difficult time for you. That is why a senior member of the FODO team will be on hand to help members seven days a week during this phase of the pandemic. Please contact us by email at [email protected] or 020 7298 5151.


Originally published: May 2020

Update log:

Version 1 of the framework was published 17 May 2020. On 18 May the official case definition of Covid-19 in the UK was updated by all UK CMOs and members updated via a member alert on the same day. Annex 1 of version 1 was updated to include a new question about anosmia and explaining how to get tested for coronavirus. Version 1.1. was published on 21 May.

Version 2 was published 31 May 2020. The update included new hyperlinks and separating out Annexes into separate documents for ease of use. Additional information was added on ventilation in the main framework document. A flow diagram was added to the staff self-assessment process and the standard precautions section updated to include seven steps to compliance, a training log and poster. The risk assessment example now includes a blank template and an updated completed example.

Version 3 was published 18 June 2020. This included minor updates to reflect new SOPs from the NHS in England and Scotland, Welsh Government Amber Guidance, HSC Board operating guidance and ABDO guidance on dispensing and contact lens practice.

Version 3.1 was published 5 October 2020. This includes minor updates to reflect updated guidance from the College of Optometrists and to include FODO's workforce risk assessment.

The Domiciliary Eyecare Committee (DEC) guidance was updated in July, August 2021 and September.

View DEC guidance and statement published in July 2021, and DEC guidance published August 2021.

Previous DEC guidance published in June 2020 together with relevant statements can be viewed by clicking the relevant link. 1. DEC statement - meeting the eye health needs of vulnerable individuals during the next stages of the pandemic. 2. Guidance< - meeting the eye health needs of shielding, isolating and domiciliary patients during the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. 3. DEC statement - Working safely during COVID-19 in other people's homes - Implications for domiciliary eye care providers.

The page updated on 28 September 2021 to reflect that all members are now routinely using enhanced infection prevention and control (IPC) to reduce the risk of Covid transmission. We archived our existing guidance as vaccination rates have increased and all UK governments have started to change guidance on conditions under which people have to self-isolate and use face coverings. We instead encourage all members to stay up to date by visiting our Covid news section and through our weekly newsletter.