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14 December 2020

Hal Rollason announces changes at FODO Scotland

Hal Rollason has announced he will be retiring as Chair of FODO Scotland in the New Year having played a leading role in the organisation for more than 18 years.  Hal has also announced his retirement from Optometry Scotland which he has been part of since its formation in 2003.

Hal said: “I am immensely proud of all that has been achieved for eye care and patients in Scotland and how the profession has risen so magnificently to all challenges, not least Covid-19 this year. One thing the past year has taught us is the value of family and doing what we like doing outside work and Sheila and I intend to take full advantage of that. I stood back from frontline practice in 2018 and now feel that it is time to hand on the baton at FODO Scotland and Optometry Scotland. I am delighted to be handing over to Kathryn and Stuart, two excellent clinicians with a wealth of experience, and wish them every success in the role they are taking on.”

Lynda Oliver, FODO Chair, said: “No-one can sum up in a few words all that Hal has achieved for the profession. He was one of the original ‘three amigos’ at Optometry Scotland and instrumental in designing the new contract, the revised contract and IT connectivity. He served as a College Council member for over 12 years and has served FODO members for many years through his steadfast and sure-handed leadership of FODO Scotland and as a FODO Director and our Honorary Treasurer.

“Nor should we forget how well Sheila has supported Hal in all these roles over so many years. They have made a massive contribution to both FODO and the wider sector. Fortunately for FODO, Hal will remain a FODO Director until 2021. So, we still have time to make the most of his wealth of experience and expertise.”

David Quigley, Optometry Scotland Chair, said: “Optometry Scotland executive meetings will not be the same without Hal, his experience, wisdom, knowledge, common sense and humour in difficult times.  We owe him an immense debt, from his pivotal role as OS co-founder and key negotiator in achieving today’s world class General Ophthalmic Services in Scotland, to his his leadership of FODO Scotland in bringing his wide-ranging expertise to all we have achieved for patients and the profession in Scotland. It is no surprise that FODO has had to appoint two people to succeed him!”

Succeeding Hal as FODO Scotland Chair is Kathryn Trimmer of Duncan and Todd Group, while Stuart Laird of ASDA takes up a new role of Vice-Chair.


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